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March 3rd 2023

First single ‘Guardians Of Time’ OUT NOW

From the Nocturnal Norths of the METALVERSE, they arose to fight their opponents like Vikings. Five orcs united with one mission: conquering promised lands on their way to victory. They serve no one but their own command. Join the FROSTBITE ORCKINGS on an epic ride through space and time with their first single ‘Guardians Of Time’!

FROSTBITE ORCKINGS might be the first introduction into the Metalverse, but it won’t be the last. With the launch of Metalverse.World, an innovative new project that is ready to conquer the world of rock and metal music by combining entertainment aesthetics and heavy music, further bands will be presented. But there is even more, that sets Metalverse apart from other projects, because it will launch the first roster of A.I. rock and metal bands. All music will be written by an artificial intelligence that was crafted by tech geeks in support of linguists and numerous brilliant scene musicians to set the framework for true-to-the-core heavy songs in perfection.

In addition to that, the Metalverse offered LandNFTs within this unique world to allow fans to become a part of the whole idea. All NFTs were sold out immediately after the launch and it will be interesting to see the first pitches for new song or lyric ideas by the “inhabitants” in the near future. And if you also can’t wait to participate, some more NFTs will be offered soon.

Now, it’s time to enjoy ‘Guardians Of Time’ by FROSTBITE ORCKINGS and check out Metalverse.World. Stay tuned for so much more to come and to discover!